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I cannot seem to get enough of design-related challenges.

Difficult it may be, each design process leaves me one step further than where I was before, and I find this exciting. I learn fast through experience, by trying and failing, which gives me confidence and self-esteem before I face my next challenge.

As an industrial design graduate, I think simple and function-oriented, with hints of minimalism and sustainability. I am a "form follows function" type of designer and I always look for a point in what it is I am supposed to be doing. As an aspiring UX/UI designer, I am learning how to become the user as well as the designer and understand the fundamentals of human psychology in decision-making processes.

I also love all things graphic design and want to have my own design consultancy business on UX/UI, graphic or brand identity design before I turn 30.

I enjoy wandering around and exploring, and living in Istanbul is a blessing considering how there is always something new to find out and be inspired by.


Istanbul Technical University

Bachelor's Degree | Industrial Design



Çevre College

High School Degree


July 2023 - Present

Oroox AG

UX/UI Designer | Web design

July - August 2022

Tartan Design

Manufacturing Internship | Furniture

October 2021 - February 2022


Part-time Product Designer | Portable jewelry displays

August - September 2021


Office Internship | Decorative object collection & jewelry displays

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